My Favorite Dog Breeds

hey guys! this is another late post – like really late. i haven’t posted in a couple of months. so, so, so sorry for that! these past couple of months have been sooo crazy with school and church, and just life in general. but anywhooo, today is a day for some hearts to melt and for me to start crying because I want a new puppy so bad… ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚ here are my favorite dog breeds of all time:


โ™š Bella Montreal โ™š Insta: bella.montreal || Pinterest & WeHeartIt:  bella4549 || Animals, pets, baby, puppy, adorable, beagleโ€ฆ | Animals, Beagle  puppy, Animal planet
just look at those eyes!!

golden retrievers:

goldenretriever | Cute animals, Cute puppies, Cute dogs
the fluffy cuteness is just too much to resist!

king cavalier spaniels:

Pinterest: @lauriebondd Instagram: @lauriebondd | Cute baby animals, Cute  animals, Puppies
awww those adorable ears!!


Pin em animals โœฐ
aren’t they to DIE for?? makes me miss my little dachshund all over again…

australian sheperds:

Pin by ava dorris on Cute Puppies | Cute animals, Australian shepherd dogs,  Cute dogs
what is it with me and these multicolored, floppy eared dogs. hmmm i think i’m finding a pattern…

toy poodles:

Pinterest - jrm022003 | Cute animals, Cute baby animals, Cute dogs
ok these don’t look like all the other ones that i have on this list, but some friends of mine have toy poodles, and they are the sweetest, most adorable things ever, so i just had to include them on my list.

basset hounds:

pinterest || ะบฮฑโ„“ั”yะฝฯƒggโ„“ั” | Basset hound puppy, Basset hound dog, Bloodhound  dogs
again with the floppy ears and big eyes. i just can’t resist!!

st. bernards:

Dog And Puppies Drawings .Dog And Puppies Drawings in 2020 | Cute baby  animals, Cute animals, Cute dogs
these are definitely the biggest dogs on my list, because if you know st. bernards, you know that they get BIG. but man are they cute, and i also literally grew up on the beethoven movies sooo…

bernese mountain dogs:

pinterest: grace kathryn โ˜ผ | Cute animals, Cute dogs, Animals
another big doggo, and i’m still sticking to my multicolored dog love ๐Ÿ˜‚

welsh springer spaniels:

100+ Welsh Springer Spaniels ideas | welsh springer spaniel, springer  spaniel, spaniel
so cute!! and i also hear that these are great dogs, so i kinda want to get one now…

cocker spaniels:

Pinterest : hollyastleโ˜€๏ธ | Cute animals, Dogs and puppies, Puppies
ok this is the most iconic dog breed, but i still love them sooo much!


Pin on Animals
omgoodness aren’t they just the most adorable things you have ever seen???? alsoooo, a little announcement, i’m getting one of these cuties in 6-8 months!! soooo exciting!

those are my favorite dog breeds!! dogs are legit the best. i am totally a dog person. i mean cats are great and all, i love my kittys, but dogs are by far superior! i can’t wait to get my new doggo! i’ll have a post showing you guys the puppy once we get it.

let me know what dog breeds are your favorite in the comments!!

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