About Me

Hello! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Grace, a fun-loving, Christian girl who adores music (playing and listening), AIO, reading and of course, Jesus!!

I started this blog in 2017 because of a very special woman, Nancy Rue. She is the author of the Christian Heritage Series (which was one of my personal favorites growing up), So Not Okay, You! A Christian Girls Guide to Growing Up, and so many more incredible books discussing the trials of growing up. She also created a blog, which I discovered in the book You! A Christian Girls Guide to Growing Up. This blog was called Tween You and Me, and it was a branch off of the book I found it from, and expanded on the subjects talked about in the book. It was mainly for any questions we might have about growing up, and helped us learn how to grow our relationship with God even more. When I found that blog, I made so many amazing friends and learned tons of incredible things. Then, just for fun, I decided to create a blog of my own, as I know many of you in the blogosphere did as well! I thought, “Oh this is going to be a really small thing. I probably won’t get anyone to follow me, and I’ll post just for fun.” And it was that way for a while. Soon enough though, and especially because of Kaelyn, one of the incredible friends that I made through Tween You and Me, I have found some crazy amazing people, and a fantabulous community that I didn’t expect to find! I still don’t have a very large following, and I’m absolutely TERRIBLE at posting on time. My posts are very few and far between (Zee Crazy Clan needs to encourage me to post more so I don’t forget so much ๐Ÿคฃ). This whole blog is still all for fun, and I was never seeking fame through this. But I sure never expected to find the terrific people I’ve found here. Everyday I thank God for letting me start this blog, because the people I’ve met here have become some of the best friends I’ve ever had. The blogosphere is such an incredibly diverse place to be a part of… I’ve met so many people with so many different interests and passions, and it has made me realize how much alike we truly are all around the world. I have found something in common with every person I have come across. It’s truly incredible! It also amazes me that you can create such deep and loving friendships with people you’ve never even met in person!

Now, after that nice little rant (you’ll find that I do those little rants a lot in this blog ;), here are some facts about me…

  • I am the oldest of 6 crazy children!
  • There are 3 girls and 3 boys in my family – our birth order is me, girl, girl, boy, boy, and boy, so we came in groups!
  • I have three lovey cats who think that they’re dogs, and a Cavipoo doggo on the way (look the Cavipoos up they’re the most adorable things in the universe!!)
  • I play the piano and love it to death!
  • I’m the only one in my family who gets my own room ๐Ÿ˜ (I deserve it after all the stress of being the oldest sibling).
  • I’ve always wanted to have an older brother.
  • Reading is the BOMB!
  • I’ve known my best guy friend, Adin since I was born (Our parents knew each other all throughout high school!)
  • The smirky face emoji is my favoritest emoji ever! ๐Ÿ˜ Stick around and you’ll see how much I use it! (The reason I love it so much is because that’s the exact face I make CON-STANT-LY in real life. Like so much. My face is basically permanently glued in that facial expression)
  • Sarcasm is my humor, and also my love language. If I’m teasing you like CRAZY and make all sorts of rude comments to you in my lovely sarcastic voice, I love you so so much. For some people this is hard to grasp, and I get it… It’s kind of a backwards way of showing love. But it’s my way! (Might have something to do with the fact that I grew up with literally all guy friends and have guy humor now, which is essentially sarcasm and teasing) I’ve gotten better at showing my love in nicer ways, thanks to some amazing friends who are SO touchy and huggy and are always telling each other and me how much they love them! It has made me more comfortable with expressing my emotions! (So thanks Kelly and Roxy!)
  • Arguing and stubbornness are my worst and best qualities. I LOVE arguing, which gets me in trouble sometimes, but honestly it’s really fun to be able to combat people who think they know about something, but they actually don’t. Me and my dad also have harmless word battles all the time, and it’s the best! I guess thats our way of showing each other our love. As for stubbornness, it, again, gets me in trouble sometimes, but I won’t be easily peer pressured into doing things I don’t want to do or into being someone I don’t want to be, which I think is a good thing!
  • Decorating and interior design?! I could do those things for the rest of my life!!
  • Music is my life!! I won’t go on a rant about that right now… (If you really want to see how much music means to me, and why, check out my post about that here) But music has been a huge part in my life. It’s in my blood! (There are pretty well known musicians all throughout my family!) Even my piano has a ton of musical history in my family! It’s been passed down for at least 4 generations, and it’s still going strong!!
  • I think that Christmas in July needs to become a real holiday, not just a made up holiday that some people celebrate because it’s silly and fun! No, we all need a little douse of mid-year Christmas cheer! (Plus, the decor for it is the CUTEST!)

Alright I think that’s about it! If I think of anything else I’ll add it, but I think you get the gist – and some of the abstract facts that you really didn’t need to know – about me and my life! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy my content and that you come back soon!

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi grace…. Do you like fuzzy things? You didn’t say so on this page, do I thought I’d just ask…


    1. thank u so much!!! ๐Ÿ’™ yess they are the best!!! oh gosh, i don’t know if i could choose! i really like their newest album scaled and icy, and one of their older albums blurryface… what about u?

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