My Morning Routine (School Day Edition)

hey guys! today i have a post that i’ve been wanting to do for a while. to be honest, i completely forgot that i had it in my drafts, until Ainsley Beth did her post about her morning routine. (by the way, you should definitely go check it out!! she’s an amazing blogger, so go give her some love!) she reminded me about it, so here i am finally doing the post!

6:30 – wake up and prayer journal

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first i read my bible and fill out my prayer journal that i got for christmas! if you’re wondering what a prayer journal is, it basically is a place where you write down your thoughts, your prayer requests, your blessings etc. pretty much anything you usually pray about, just in written form so that you can look back on it in the future and see what prayers God answered, and what you were struggling with at that time.

anyways… doing a prayer journal is a great way for me to wake up, and prepare for the day ahead! i don’t do all of my Bible study in the morning, because i don’t have the time before school, but don’t worry i do my Bible study right before bed.

6:40 – pick up room

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after i’ve filled out my prayer journal for the morning, i make my bed, open my blinds, turn on some lights (because at that point its still pretty dark), and pick up my room for the day.

6:45 – skin care/makeup and hair

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after that, i wash my face, brush my teeth, put on my makeup, brush and straighten my hair, deodorant/perfume, and all of that fun stuff!

7:00 – put some clothes on!

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we have uniforms at my school, so i then put on my uniform and head downstairs.

7:10 – get backpack ready

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after i get downstairs, i start putting my books for the day, my snack (not a lunch since we only have a half day), my water bottle, and anything else i need for the day into my backpack.

7:20 – breakfast!

Image result for aesthetic breakfast pictures

the last thing i do before going to school is eat some breakfast. usually i’m not that hungry, so i usually grab something little like toast or a banana or something and head out the door!

7:35 – out the door for school!

Image result for driving pictures sunrise aesthetic

finally i’m on my way to school! it takes about fifteen minutes to get to my school, so we leave with just enough to get there by around 8:00. it’s so pretty driving to school because the sun is rising, and it reflects off of the trees and makes everything vibrant and beautiful. its soooo pretty!!

well, that’s it guys!! i hope you enjoyed it! let me know if you want me to do another one of these, but for my nightly routine or my weekend morning routine!

in the comments let me know what you like to do that prepares you for the rest of the day like my prayer journal does. also, i would love to hear how your guys’ mornings go!!

7 thoughts on “My Morning Routine (School Day Edition)

  1. I always enjoy reading about people’s morning routines since they’re so diverse and different! If I’m honest, I don’t really have a morning routine. I wake up with enough time to get ready and not be late. Oh, and to drink my iced coffee of course! Definitely a perk up and highlight of my morning, hehe. I love slow mornings on weekdays where I can rest up and then head into the kitchen for scones and a chai! Then I’ll spend time outside, catch up on YouTube subscriptions or a podcast, listen to positive affirmations and get my day started on a good note!

    Your blog is so beautiful and I’m glad to have come across it! xx


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    1. thanks!! u know, to be honest, a lot of the time i don’t follow my morning routine on the weekend, but it really helps me to have a structured morning on school days, so that’s the real reason why i have a school morning routine lol.
      yessss iced coffee is the best!!! and slow mornings are amazing! that sounds like the best kind of start to the day to me!

      thank u so much! ur the sweetest!



      1. Thereโ€™s nothing like just doing things in your own time. So peaceful and a great way to come back to yourself after a hard week of school! Iโ€™m in college three days a week and have class from 8-11 am mondays and tuesdays and then 11:30 to 2:30 on Wednesday. Pretty manageable except that Iโ€™m not a morning person and travel there and back takes up like two hours!

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        1. totally!!
          o wow that sounds like a lot!! i’m definitely not a morning preson either ๐Ÿ˜‚ i’m glad u get some breaks to yourself tho because all of that driving and running around to different classes can get pretty tiring, i bet!


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